May 08, 2017

President Trump will do his 'Tolerance Tour' in order to bring the three religions of the world together

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JD: The President had some very interesting times not only with the fact that they passed, repeal and replaced. And then President of the United States announced his Tolerance Tour. He’s going to go to Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, and Rome. That is going to be an interesting trip. You’re thoughts about this trip that he’s going to be taking to the Moslem world, the Jewish world, and the Christian world?

KT: Well this is a very different President than the one who left office on January 20th. We have in Donald Trump someone who is confronting head on problems in the Middle East. A tolerance tour is precisely what is needed right now. Saudi Arabia which will not allow Christians to practice their faith in their country even though they have hundreds of thousands of Filipino Christians working as virtual slaves in Saudi Arabia. This is something for Donald Trump if he raises that issue of Saudi tolerance for other faiths while he is in Saudi Arabia it will be the first time ever that a US President has done so openly.

The only time that anything approaching this Jimmy has ever happened was when Ronald Reagan was President and his CIA director who was a devout Christian went to Saudi Arabia over Easter. Bill Casey insisted on holding an Easter Christian service while he was there the Saudi’s because he was CIA director did nothing about it. But other wise the US Embassy, the people who were at the Embassy were afraid to ever practice their faith. So, if Donald Trump insists on religious freedom while he’s in Saudi Arabia that will absolutely be a first for the United States. 

JD: Ken Timmerman in Washington with details on President Trumps Tolerance Tour.

We report his information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken said that if Donald Trump insists on religious freedom in Saudi Arabia that will be a first in that Islamic country. But then it’s on to Jerusalem to work on the peace process between the Jews and the Palestinians. All previous Presidents working on this peace process to bring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have failed. Donald Trump says that he can make the deal, only time will tell.

The final stop on the Trump Tolerance Tour is Rome Italy. You know visits to the capitals of the three great religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is key for the possibility for a resolution in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, a peace treaty between the two parties. But wait a minute, do you recognize the scenario found in Daniel 9:27? A world leader establishing peace in Jerusalem with the tolerance of three religions. That is how Bible prophecy will be played out in the end times.