July 10, 2013

The fall of the Egyptian government has weakened militant Islam including the Palestinian terror group Hamas

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There are many ramifications to the fall of the Egyptian government including a weakening of militant Islam. Middle East expert and our broadcast partner here on Prophecy Today, David Dolan evaluates these events as it relates to the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

David Dolan: It is being seen in Israel generally and this is by mostly commentators and experts on the region, not coming officially from the government or government leaders, but the commentaries are saying this development weakens political Islam, militant Islam in every aspect especially in the Sunni Muslim side of things which the Egyptians are. As you have pointed out, Hamas comes out of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and has been supported by it. He has not been upfront in his backing of Hamas, but it is known that it is there and it certainly was welcomed in the Gaza Strip when the Muslim Brotherhood won the parliamentary elections in Egypt first and then the presidential election.

This is a setback for them but of course as you know we have discussed many times they are getting their main source of arms from Iran in recent years, those weapons coming through Egypt and the Egyptian leaders seemingly looking the other way. It is thought that the army taking back over at least temporarily in Egypt will possibly halt that flow from Libya or at least reduce it and that is a positive thing. It is not going to stop Hamas from getting rockets and carrying out its attack on Israel. What would really do that is if the Assad regime is overthrown and Hezbollah is somehow corked in Lebanon, that would be a major strategic change and Hamas would be left even weaker if that happens.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Though weakened by the fall of the Egyptian government, Hamas - the Palestinian terror organization will continue to fight against Israel according to Bible prophecy.

Hamas is one of the radical Palestinian terror organizations of today. They are a part of the Palestinians who want all the land of Israel and will kill the Jews to get that land, Ezekiel 35:5, 10. God will not allow the Jewish people to be totally destroyed, but He will destroy the Palestinian terror organizations, those who reject His Word and try to annihilate His people, Obadiah 15-18.

Though weakened by the fall of the Egyptian government, Hamas will continue to play their role which is found in Bible prophecy.