September 11, 2015

Churches around the world are turning against the Jewish state of Israel

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The World Council of Churches, and ecumenical church body based in Geneva, Switzerland and boasting 590 million worshipers, recently held a conference in Greece declaring that the Jewish state is a sin, and occupying power, and it accused Israelis of dehumanizing the Palestinians and they called for resistance to Israel and the Jewish people as a Christian duty. 

The attendees at the international conference of the World Council of Churches even legitimized terrorism as a means of resistance to the evil Jewish occupation calling it a Christian right and duty to eliminate the Jewish state. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The declaration by 590 million churchgoers that terrorism should be used in their efforts to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel is a precursor to the end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The World Council of Churches, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, held an international conference recently where the attendees, representing around 590 million worshipers, said that the use of terrorism is a legitimate means to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel from the Middle East. This declaration speaks of the theology of these thousands of churches around the world and it has been described as "Replacement Theology". Replacement Theology basically states that God has replaced his program for the Jewish people with the church. They believe that because the Jews rejected Jesus at His First Coming, God has stopped His plans for the Jews and has given all of these promises to the Church. Replacement Theology is not only non-Biblical, but it is a dangerous doctrine that will lead to disaster. 

God's program for the Jewish people has not been cancelled unless God is a liar, which He is not. God gave the Jewish people 4 covenants, unconditional promises that will be fulfilled in the future, and in fact, forever. Genesis 15 is the Abrahamic Covenant that says there will always be a Jewish nation with a piece of real estate in the Middle East according to the Land Covenant in Deuteronomy 30. The Davidic Covenant in II Samuel 7 and the New Covenant, Jeremiah 31, states that the Messiah Jesus Christ will give the Jewish people the city of Jerusalem and a temple in the city for their kingdom which is eternal. 

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.