February 22, 2017

The Israeli's have tangible evidence that the state of Israel belongs to the Jewish people

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JD: There’s going to be an excavation starting this summer of the location where the Ark of the Covenant was there at Kiryat Yearim, which is between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv on Highway Number One up to the north of that. Which is where King David, II Samuel chapter 6 went to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant bringing it into Jerusalem to put it in the Temple. But at the same time some officials, some Jewish officials at the Temple Institute saying we need to start building the Third Temple; quite interesting stories just to comment on those two stories.

DD: Well it is interesting Jimmy, and I lived a couple of months real close to Kiryat Yearim. A close friend of mine who’s a Christian heads the Master’s College in California; they have an extension campus in the hills of Judea, just outside of Jerusalem, very very close to that so I know the site very well and it’s only been practically excavated.

It’s like they say in Israel, you put a shovel down to build a new parking lot and you find an ancient civilization, or an ancient church, or an ancient synagogue or something and it so often happens. This was the last known place for the Ark to rest so; I mean it was in Jerusalem after that. The thought that they may have taken it back there you know when the exile took place, there going to dig and it’s just going to be exciting to watch.

And Jimmy, the 33 years I lived in Israel all the news reports I did for CBS and others the most exciting were those periodic stories about, hey, new discoveries near the Dead Sea. By the way, they’re looking at new caves down by the Dead Sea also that they think they contain new documents. We may find a whole another copy of the ancient Bible, the Hebrew Bible there or something. I mean nobody knows.

I heard one of the archeologists this week on television say, we are just thrilled because every time we go out and look we find evidence that we were here; our ancestors were here. And as Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the press conference with President Trump we are Jews our name comes from Judea because we come from here. You know we’re not occupier’s, we’re not foreign invader’s, we’re not a apartheid colonist that went into South Africa somewhere. This is our ancient homeland so it’s exciting to watch this.    

JD: David Dolan with details on the evidence, which states the state of Israel, does indeed belong to the Jewish people.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.  

Do you know that there are 38 passages of scripture that deal with the Biblical borders of the state of Israel? Genesis chapter 15 tells us that the land will extend from the Nile River in Egypt all the way to the Euphrates River that actually runs through Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait. The land of Israel, in the future, will be 10 times what it is today according to the Bible.

However, until the Messiah Jesus Christ comes the Islamic world will fight to keep the Jewish state from expanding to its Biblical borders.