October 21, 2016

Preparations are being made for a one world false religion that will be headquartered in Rome

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JD: David there seems to be a lot of effort on the part of the Catholic Church and especially the present Pope, Pope Frances to completely undo the Reformation to make it seem as if it should never have happened.

DJ: He’s made efforts in reaching out to not just evangelical and other Christian denominations but also other religions around the world including Muslims and Jews and those in other faiths even Hinduism and things like that.

JD: Based on Revelation 17, we know that during the Tribulation period the antichrist is going to establish a global false religious system. Isn’t that what we’re discussing today David, actually setting the stage for what is coming in the near future?

DJ: Well it sure is, the antichrist is going to be setting up a false Christianity with a false Christ and a false gospel in an attemp to bring all the religions of the world together with false doctrines. To do that you have to diminish doctrines, you have to diminish what the gospel teaches, to turn people away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ and turn them both to themselves believing that they can save themselves through their good works and ultimately he’s going to tear that down to set himself up as the true Christ and people will turn to him. It’s setting the stage of bringing all the world religions together by diminishing the gospel, turning attention away from Christ, and turning people to the doctrines of demons.

JD: David James reporting on the preparations for a one world false religion that will be headquartered in Rome Italy.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.  

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Revelation 17 is the prophecy of a one-world religion that will come into place in the last days.

Revelation 17 reveals the prophecy of a one-world church to appear. This one world church will be a mother son cult that was established in Babylon, that’s Revelation 17:5, when it talks about Babylon the mother of all harlots. In chapter 17 of Revelation it talks about the antichrist and the antichrist is referred to as the beast, some 8 times in chapter 17.

The antichrist will rule and reign over this false church that will be headquartered in Rome, Italy. Now this false church will be in operation throughout the first half of the seven-year Tribulation period before it will be destroyed by the revival of the Roman Empire, which will also be headquartered in Rome, Italy and headed up by the antichrist.

The report from David James talking about the efforts today to undo the Reformation is actually setting the stage for this one world church to appear. Revelation 17 says it will happen and it comes about after the rapture of the church, which could happen at any moment.