November 24, 2017

There are reports that there are crowds gathering on the Washington Mall, in our nations capitol, to worship pagan gods

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JD: David from what I have been able to learn the event was clearly designed to promote pagan spirituality I understand a presentation of an Indian god.

DJ: There was a paper mache sculpture of the lord Shiva Nataraja which is if you understand anything about Hinduism the lord Shiva is part of the Hindu trinity. There’s actually a Hindu trinity that you know Satan is always mimicking the true God of the Bible. And we understand that the God of the Bible is the father, the son, and the spirit. And the lord Shiva is known as the destroyer and the god of rebirth. So, they had a large paper mache sculpture of that. On the arm of this particular god there is a serpent wrapped around one arm and he holds fire in the other.

There was also a large metal dragon named Apraxas this was the term used by a nastic in the second century and Apraxas designated the Supreme Being or the god that they worshiped. And these nastic believed that Jesus Christ actually emanated from Apraxas and was a phantom not really a real man. So, this is really horrible paganism that comes out of both a combination Greek mythology, Greek nastic worship, as well as Egyptian worship.

And then one other thing that is of note is there is a temple called the temple of rebirth that is constructed out of wood and at the end as in the burning man they burn the man at the end of this particular catharsis on the mall they burn this temple. So, there’s a lot of symbolism and a lot of paganism involved.

JD: David James reporting on pagan worship taking place on the Washington Mall in our nations capitol.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Let me remind you as you study Bible prophecy in the word of God you’ll find that Satan and his demons are going to be very very active during the tribulation period. Evil angels are talked about in the book of Revelation chapters 4-19, sixteen chapters of detailed information about that time of judgment to come.

These demons will take control of political leaders during that time, that’s Daniel chapter 10. But also in the religious community satanic activity will take place that’s, II Corinthians chapter 11 and the focus will be on Rome Italy and the false church. The world is moving closer and closer to satanic activity in their lives giving their souls over to Satan as the end time quickly approaches. This is evidence that the rapture of the church is about to take place.