November 15, 2018

An EMP attack on America could kill 90% of America's population within a year

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JD: Now I want to take just a moment at the beginning to help our listeners understand what EMP is all about. Would you define that for us Brannon?

BH: Yes sir. Electromagnetic pulse, and EMP is the best way, you can generate an EMP from the sun. Solar flares can generate EMPs. Our country has experienced EMP phenomenon back in the 1800’s from the sun and it light up some telegraph wires and burned them down across the country. So electromagnetic pulse can occur from the sun it also can also be generated by man and by weapon.

The most concerning would be the ability to launch a missile with a nuclear weapon on it and detonate up above the United States of America. They could do this off of a cargo ship, fishing vessel, submarine. And of course they’re selling the club k cargo cars, ten million dollars you can get one out of Russia. Exporter of that is one hundred percent Russian owned. The exporter of the club k car looks just like a cargo container on the back of a semi truck or a railroad car or a cargo ship, a freight liner with a cargo ship. And yet from the command of a satellite even the lid will lift up and there are four silos for four cruse missiles. If one of those cruse missiles or all of them are equipped with nuclear warheads all they have to do is launch one of those missiles out of the Gulf of Mexico and launch it up over the US, detonate it and that would create an electromagnetic pulse.

Now it would not damage us as humans detonating it up high in the atmosphere but the electromagnetic pulse would then be grabbed by the curvature of the earth and would put down our power grid. If they did it up over the center of the US they could take down all three power grids. If they did it on the east coast it could just impact the power grid on the east coast. But if they take down the whole country we’re back to the 1800s. Congress has had numerous of experts including Dr. Graham the  leading scholar scientist on this state that within one year ninety percent of Americans would be dead from starvation, disease, and social unrest.    

JD: Brannon Howse with details on how an EMP attack could kill ninety percent of America’s population within one year.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Most major nations in this world are preparing to defend themselves against an EMP attack. However, America has not moved in that direction. Though EMP’s are not mentioned in Bible prophecy America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy either. There is a possibility that an EMP attack may well be the way the United States is eliminated from the world scene at the beginning of the scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. This is not absolute but it does sound like a plausible possibility for the reason the United States is not in Bible prophecy.