September 04, 2020

Christians should not only consider the character of each candidate that they will vote for but also the platform of their party

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JD: I've heard you make the point that sometimes we need to look past the individual to the platform for their party as we as voters come to a decision on who we're going to vote for.

DJ: And I think that's a point that's often lost in the midst of campaigns. We do need to know where a candidate stands but we really are voting for the platform as well. So we need to compare the platforms the candidates represent. One thing about a party platform is that it provides a general philosophy that someone personally identifies with. 

So there's a broad spectrum of ideologies that extends from Liberalism on one side with radical marxism at the far end of that side to Conservatism on the other with radical fascism on the far end of that side. In our largely two party system Democrats tend to occupy the Liberal side of the spectrum and Republicans tend to be on the Conservative side of the spectrum and this would include both social and physical components. 

JD: Thinking about the platforms of both the Democrats and the Republicans we've seen this laid out over the last couple of weeks as both parties laid out their vision for America at their national conventions. Can you take a moment now and briefly compare and contrast the two platforms as believers think about voting this coming November?

DJ: Democrats aren't only more Liberal political and socially they tend to be more Liberal than Republicans across the board which includes theologically and morally. Democrats tend to favor bigger government and socialist type programs while Republican tend to favor smaller government less regulation of our daily lives and allowing the free market to regulate the economy. Democrats tend to favor decrease military and law enforcement spending while Republicans tend to favor more. Democrats tend to strongly favor gay rights and same sex marriage while Republicans tend to favor traditional marriage. Democrats tend to support undocumented immigration while Republicans tend to favor strong immigration laws. Republicans tend to be far more supportive of Israel's right to the land than Democrats but as each point this is a generalization. It's not always easy to sort out but in this country we the people are the government and we have a God given voice.

JD: David James, Bible in hand giving each of us Biblical advice as we consider the person and the party we will vote for on election day.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Since God created human government He sets the standards for those who will lead human government. In fact all of those that will be elected are ordained by God, that's Romans 13:1. We must prayerfully consider who we will vote for because these will be those who will lead us into the future.