November 08, 2016

God Lays Out Biblical Principles That Must Direct Our Voting Agenda

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JD: Well over the past year we’ve examined where the different candidates stand on various issues. Those issues that we most need to keep in mind as we go to the polls because of there Biblical significance.

DJ: When you get down to specific Biblical issues I think you and I have discussed three that we really consider important and that is the issue of abortion, also where candidates and platforms are in relation to the nation of Israel, and then the same sex and homosexual lifestyle issue. So, those are three things I think we can talk to specifically.

JD: Well lets first discuss the issue of abortion.  

DJ: We read in Genesis 1:27, that God created man in His own image and God breathed the breath the life and the man became a living soul at that point. Theologically from that point on we descend from our parents both body and soul, that means that both theologically and scientifically a human life comes into existence at conception, to kill an unborn child is to actually take a human life and one created in the image of God.

JD: Lets turn to the matter of policy concerning the nation of Israel, David. From a Biblical prospective how important is it for a political party to maintain a pro Israel stance in the party platform?

DJ: Well it’s extremely important, it goes back to the character of God and His faithfulness to His promises. In Genesis 12, in the Abrahamic Covenant, He told Abraham He’d make him a great nation, He had blessed him, He said I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. And so, God made promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that they would have a piece of land that is much larger than the current state of Israel, that they would be descendants and they would bless the nations of the earth.

JD: Well finally on the matters of same sex marriage, the homosexual lifestyle, can you give a clear Biblical response to those evangelicals?

DJ: Well it goes back actually to the image of God and man at the end of Genesis, chapter 2; God said that a man would leave his mother and cleave unto his wife and two shall become one flesh. And that is so that the man and woman can most fully represent the image of God. And then in Romans, Chapter 1, Paul makes it very clear, a nation or even the entire world is approaching the judgment of God in each stage of history when there is pervasive homosexual behavior and certainly that’s what we are facing right now.  

JD: David James, my broadcast partner with Biblical principles for voting.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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God will place leaders of human government in their positions.

The Bible gives us principles that should direct our votes for all candidates. We must be directed by these principles as we elect political leaders that will set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.