September 15, 2017

The great Bible teacher, Dr. Stanley Toussaint has died, and is with the Lord

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JD: Dr. Toussaint died and as we have concerning others in the past I think it would be good to discuss his life and legacy. From you prospective why do you think this is important for the body of Christ that we do this?

DJ: You know we know the Bible is replete with examples both in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the prophets and the apostles of God rehearsing the history of what God had done in the past to the present generations so they would understand we all stand on the shoulders of giants, and Dr. Toussaint was one of those giants. If we don’t understand the past we don’t understand his faithfulness to his promises, to his word, to carryout his program. And if we don’t understand those things we don’t see and we understand how we fit into that program in the present, nor do we know how to move forward into the future.

And if you think about the New Testament the great hall of faith, that’s Hebrews chapter 11 where God himself inspired a whole list of leaders, great men and women of God who shaped the world really with their stand for faithfulness and gave us an example to follow. So, I think it’s extremely important for us all to consider what I would call the hero’s of the faith.

JD: David, we frequently discuss on this program dispensationalism that will help people to understand how Bible prophecy lays out the end time scenario that God has planned for this earth and it’s people. What would you say was Stan Toussaint’s greatest contribution in this area of study of God’s word?

DJ: One of the things would be the book commentary on Matthew called Be Hold The King. Another thing I would say is dispensationalists are ridiculed throughout broader christen them as sort of being the back woods hicks of Christianity that we don’t know the Bible well. But I would say this, Dr. Toussaint and other great men of God that we’ve talked about like John Walbert, and White Pentecost, and Charles Winery. These men were scholar’s scholar’s. They knew theology. They had a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible. They had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible. They were defenders of the faith and they were defenders of dispensationalism, they were promoters of dispensationalism. Because as we’ve said over and over again it’s rooted in a literal, historical, grammatical understanding of the Bible; taking the word of God seriously both concerning the past and into the future.

JD: A reflection from David James on the great Bible teacher Stanley Toussaint who is now in the heavens with his Lord.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. Stanley Toussaint had a dual purpose in his life and ministry. That was to teach the word of God and love the people. Dr. Toussaint was a perfect example for each of us today as we await the rapture of the church. That example is to study and teach the word of God and love the people.