November 07, 2016

America Faces The Most Important Presidential Election in Many Years

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JD: This election actually that we’re looking at, the time of the election of the President of the United States, has been crazy, its been ugly, its been the most remarkable election that anybody in my life time has ever experienced. What are your thoughts about this upcoming election?

SR: Well I believe that you are correct, I believe that what we are seeing has no president. The implications of the results of this election probably have no president.

As the years have gone by the United States of America has really become the major political player, the economic player, it has been the bully pulpit for the world from the standpoint of advancing or defending the cause of truth and freedom. Yet, never in my lifetime or I think, as history would indicate, are we sitting at a pivot point in this nation where we really are looking towards two completely different futures, from standpoint of the two different candidates and the different world views that they espouse.

We have imperfect candidates on both sides but I do not believe that we’ve had a perhaps a clearer choice of two world views, across this prospective and; frankly, how it will under one or the other impact our religious freedom and the ability of Christians, and pastors, and churches in America to live out the gospel and to preach it without limitations by government.

In our country being a republic we have a civic duty and a responsibility and an opportunity, blessing like most citizens in the world have never had, to participate and yet we treat it very lightly and that’s a very very big mistake. So I think this is a very very critical year. Every election is serious we’ve always talked about it being perhaps being the most serious. But I really do think that this one because of these factors and others may in fact be the most significant election to face the United States.

JD: Sam Rohrer, my broadcast partner helping me to explain the importance of this presidential election.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.  

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

God will use this presidential election to help set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God brought human government into existence some 4500 years ago as recorded in Genesis 9:6. God has used human government down through the ages to accomplish His will.  God, in fact, will use human government to fulfill the prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible for the future, that’s found in Revelation 17:17.