January 02, 2017

The United Nations vote against the Jewish settlements in Israel has been rejected by the leaders of Israel

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JD: And we’re going to take you to Israel now. We’re going into the center part of the state to a very old Jewish community; great history, great prophetic truth about the location of Shilo and the center part of the state which was the headquarters for the Jewish nation when they first came into the promise land about 35,000 years ago.

And Winkie, the United Nations Security Council said when they put forth a resolution. They were able to pass the resolution only because the United States did not veto this resolution against Israel, which they had done basically over the last 50 years, the United Nations Security Council voted against the Jewish settlements. If you will Winkie give me your first impressions of this vote at the United Nations.  

WM: Jimmy sometimes a group of people, well dressed, well educated to a certain extent, people who you would probably look up to as elite members of their society for many many nations around the world can be so obtuse, stubborn, and perhaps even a little bit vindictive. If you read through that resolution 2:3,3:4 it doesn’t make since; it flies on the face of history and facts. It conflates many issues and puts the burden of the fact there has been hostility here between Arabs and Jews for maybe almost a century, only on the shoulders of the Jewish citizens of Israel. And I’m amazed that the Americans let the resolution go through.

JD: Well, was this a continuation of the bad relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu; the vindictiveness coming from the President especially on the Prime Minister of Israel?

WM: It’s no secret that there’s been bad blood between the two of them because I think they come from different backgrounds, different experiences, and of course different ideologies. We’re talking about a President who’s on the borderline between liberal and progressive. A person who has done American foreign policy a great amount of damage. You know sometimes you say, well he had a good idea or something like that but none of the ideas not only did they not work but they were wrong in every single way possible including Egypt and the Arab spring and everything and yet he is pursuing through John Kerry, a very difficult position to defend against Israel, America’s greatest ally if not in the Middle East, perhaps also maybe the entire world.

JD: Winkie Medad, our broadcast partner reporting from a Jewish settlement in the center of the Jewish state of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled. Remember God gave the land to the Jewish people, that’s Ezekiel, Chapters 34 & 36. And God said He did this not for the Jewish people’s sake but for His Holy namesake, that’s Ezekiel 36:22.