March 20, 2013

As world leaders visit Israel they prove that Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled

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When world leaders visit the Jewish state of Israel, the world focuses on this tiny little state surrounded by over twenty nations that do not really want a Jewish state anywhere in their neighborhood.

On the historic visit by US President Obama to Israel, both the Palestinians and many of Israel's neighbors like Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas all were concerned about America's endorsement of the Zionist regime and the favoritism shown by the US.

The visit by any world leader to the Jewish state of Israel irritates all radical Islamic elements in the Middle East as they continue to call for the destruction of Israel and align themselves to eliminate the Jewish state from the Middle East.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

World leaders who visit Israel, even the historic visit by US President Obama, are tangible evidence that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled and will be fulfilled in the future.

On the historic visit to Israel made by President Obama and other world leaders who travel into the Jewish state are causing the world to focus on this unique state. After 2000 years, once again there is a Jewish state among the nations of the world. Over the last 150 years, Jews from around the world have moved back into the land of their forefathers to help rebuild a Jewish state. Israel's neighbors, both Arab and Islamic states, are very displeased with this Jewish state in the Middle East. Israel, with a population of six million Jews, is surrounded by over 500 million Muslims which makes it a rough neighborhood to live in for the Jewish people. This scenario conforms to the prophetic passages that are found in Bible prophecy.

Ezekiel, the ancient Jewish prophet, prewrote history 2500 years ago when he recorded God's message to the Jewish people. Ezekiel 38 foretells of Jews being gathered from the four corners of the earth to their ancient homeland. Ezekiel 36 tells the world that God will give the Jews this land and He does so for His holy namesake, Ezekiel 36:22. Ezekiel 38 foretells of the alignment of Arab and Islamic nations that will move to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Every world leader including US President Obama that visits Israel is evidence of fulfilled Bible prophecy and prophecy that will be fulfilled in the future.