August 08, 2018

Brexit, the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, is being compared to Armageddon

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JD: The focus has to be on Brexit again this week it does not seem to want to go away. In fact the United Kingdom Foreign Secretary has been warning to not allow for a messy EU divorce. I mean this is only really telling the truth in what is happening today is it not?

JR: The pressure is stepping up concerning Brexit. There’s been a media blitz here in the last week or so basically giving an indication of quite sensational approach air planes grounded, troops in the streets given a very dramatic picture if there’s no agreement. The fact is that we are literally after 50 years of European Union integration we have now reached the disintegration phase this probably all is coming to some sort of scare tactic.

JD: John I sent you an opinion piece entitled Brexit or Armageddon however, just a few moments ago as you were describing the messy divorce there it seemed like you were referring to some of the elements to the Armageddon. What are your thoughts about this piece?

JR: I think the media as a whole has taken an approach that was extremist about the possibilities of this chaos. The talk of Armageddon here is certainly exaggerated but prophetically the European Union disintegration is a highly significant point. It’s leading in Bible prophecy but not in the direct sense of their saying of the confusion of Brexit. That will be overcome.

JD: John Rood with the details behind the exit of Great Britain from the European Union which is not quite Armageddon.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

I have often said that the European Union today may well be the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire tomorrow. According to the ancient Jewish prophet Daniel in chapters 2 & 7 he reveals to us the revival of the Old Roman Empire. The ten toes of Daniel chapter 2 and the ten horns of Daniel chapter 7. In Revelation chapter 13 & 17 we see the ten horns and the part that these ten horns represent would be nations in our world today that will actually be a military governmental economic power. Actually a super power in the last days which will be led by the little horn of Daniel 7:8 that’s the antichrist. And the antichrist in this scenario is coming better into focus with events like Brexit. Daniel’s prophecy is almost at the point at being fulfilled.