June 12, 2017

The recent elections in the United Kingdom will have an effect politically and on Brexit but it will not change God's prophetic scenario for the End Times

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JD: Tell me what your first impressions of these elections are.

RC: Well I think the first impression is that is certainly affects Brexit in terms of the position that the Brits are going to approach it with. What it’s really doing is showing a strong situation instability for Britain for the next several weeks. It’s been a surprising reaction by the Brits and yet in some ways for me it’s not totally surprising in light of what has happened in Britain particularly in London and Manchester in the last few weeks.

JD: But as you and I sit here with Bibles open and have discussion about the political activities there in Great Britain and across Europe itself the Bible is still the same it has not changed and really this will not affect the prophetic scenario in God’s word in any way will it?

RC: No, God’s will is certain his plan is certain it will come to pass. My answer is simple, if the EU is really the embryo of the final world empire then this is going to move ahead. The EU will move ahead and nothings going to stop it until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back to stop that world empire. The scripture is true it is saying where the plan of God is going. Clearly the EU fits the characteristics we would expect of a final world empire, ultimately let the scriptures lead us.

JD: Dr. Rob Congdon with his insight on the recent British elections and God’s plan for the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As we often do when Rob and I get together we talk politics and that always leads us to a discussion on the prophetic significance of the political events we have been discussing. That is the case again this time as we have discussed the results of the United Kingdom election and the impact it will have on the political arena in the European Union as well as Brexit.

Remember the United Kingdom is a member state of the European Union but her decision to pull out of the European Union has had no effect on the other member states. The remaining 27 member nations in the European Union are at least the infrastructure for the revived Roman Empire as spoken of in Daniel 7:7 & 24, Revelation 13:1 & 17:12. These verses reveal the 10 horns of Bible prophecy, which is the apoplectic term for the revived Roman Empire. As Rob stated God’s plan will be fulfilled no matter what happens politically on this earth.