November 11, 2019

The United States and Russia are racing each other to North East Syria in order to set up a military air base in that strategic location in Syria

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JD: Looks like the United States they’re racing Russia for a military position there in northeast Syria in a new air base located there. What do we know about this race?

KT: Jimmy what’s actually happening on the ground in northern Syria is significantly different from what you’re hearing in most of the national media in the United States and it’s just not true. The President has made very clear we would remain in Syria to protect the oil and to make sure that the Kurds in northern Syria could still benefit from the sales of that oil. The Russian’s have moved up into northern Syria along with the Turks to jointly patrol that border. They’re essentially replacing us.

But the Russians also are trying to set up an air base to support helicopters in northern Syria. That is actually a fairly understandable thing to do but they’re trying to gain these former US positions. Right now American troops are reinforcing our positions in the southern parts, the southeastern part of Syria. In other words close to the Jordan-Iraq border. That’s where the oil fields are but also the key piece of the land bridge that the Iranians have been trying to establish. They opened it up years ago but the US is pretty much controlling traffic across that.

So yes Russia is moving into northern Syria and yes they are trying to race us for control of certain air bases and military bases up there. But the United States is going to keep a pretty significant presence there.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the race between the United States and Russia to set up a military air base in northeastern Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken’s report on the race between the United States and Russia to set up a military air base in northeastern Syria is evidence of the strategic real estate in Syria that sets the stage for Bible prophecy to come to pass. When you read the prophetic scenario for the last days you will find that Russia and Syria are major players in the prophetic scenario. Ezekiel 38:2 mentions Russia as Magog. Daniel 11:40 mentions the King of the North as modern day Syria. By the way the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. Russia will lead a coalition of Islamic nations into Israel to destroy the Jewish state. Syria will make the very first move into Israel and begin the Gog - Magog war in the Golan Heights. All of these actors are in place for that drama to be played out.