October 10, 2018

After a Russian warning, Israel is rethinking its strategy with Syria

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JD: So I guess Israel now is in the planning stages. They need to rethink their Syrian strategy.

DD: Well they do Jimmy and this S-300 anti-aircraft defense system has been delivered now four of the systems were delivered to Syria. They’re under Russian command and interestingly Jimmy when the Russian Defense Minister Shoigu when he announced that these units had arrived in Syria he called them the unified S-300 system. And they said this means that it is being integrated into Russia’s own manned system in Moscow.

So that Russia would control not the actual firing of the rockets in the event of aircraft going over them that are deemed hostel by Syria but Russia would maintain overall control of them. They would be electronically integrated into the Russian systems so Russia would know exactly the moment any of these were fired and where they were being fired. But the Israeli’s are assuming Jimmy that there will be Russian advisors sitting with the Syrians at all times with this system.

It was announced this week that they would continue to communicate with each other the Israeli’s and the Russian armies but of course the Russians accused Israel of only informing them one minute before the September 17th bombing campaign against some Iranian targets near Russia’s air base Latakia. Tensions still remain high Jimmy that system is now in place. It could potentially shot down aircraft over a lot of Israel as well. It’s a very powerful system it depends on where it’s placed. But if there’s four of them which the Russians say we can assume that at least one of those systems will be stationed somewhere near the Israeli border that makes sense since the main aircraft that they’re targeting, the Syrians a least are coming from Israel. So a very tense situation still.

JD: David Dolan with the details on Israel’s re-thinking of their strategy with Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Israel must make sure that they have the right strategy for dealing with Syria as long as Russia is in the picture. The Russian coalition of Islamic nations, Ezekiel 38 is the end of time scenario with the purpose of wiping out the Jewish state. In fact, Daniel 11:40 reveals that Syria makes the first move in the alignment of nations to attack Israel.

In Daniel 11:40 the king of the north is Syria that will receive directions from Russia to attack. With Russia’s warning to Israel that stage is set for fulfilled prophecy.