October 20, 2016

Scientists say there were Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark some 4500 years ago

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JD: Now I introduced you as the dinosaur man, what about dinosaurs. We have a picture in our mind or at least I do, many people I would suggest probably have the same thing, of these giant creatures that God brought into existence, is it a fact that dinosaurs were in the Ark? Is that an absolute?

BD: It's unlikely that Noah would have taken aboard some of the huge great big dinosaurs but he would represent that kind. Why take a big t-rex when you can represent that kind with one that would be a bit smaller and be easier to care for.

When God brought the animals to Noah, He would have brought some of the younger animals; they would have lived longer to reproduce after the flood was over. They would have been easier to care for aboard the ark and it just makes sense that’s what He would have done. Even though the Ark was plenty big enough to take a huge dinosaur like Tyrannosaurus Rex, weighing about 7 tons and 40 feet long. Why would you do that when you can represent that kind that would be a smaller one?

JD: Yeah usually when I speak about dinosaurs I say those were teenage dinosaurs that were on the Ark. Does that fit the description pretty well?

BD: It sure does, and by the way, folks need to know that most dinosaurs were not big anyway. The ones that’s famous in the movies and in books are dinosaurs like the big sauropod, that’s what boys and girls call long necks. Some of them did get to be huge; they’d get to be 100 foot long on some of the sauropod. The Tyrannosaurus Rex as I said would be as long as a school bus. In fact, most dinosaurs were in between the size of a sheep and a bison, so they weren’t that big; taking younger animals to boot would have made more sense.

JD: Buddy Davis, the dinosaur man with the Ark encounter, reporting on dinosaurs on the Ark.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

In the last days men will deny the coming of Jesus Christ back to the earth.

 II Peter 3:3 says that scoffers will deny the coming of Jesus Christ back to the earth. And at the same time, they will deny creation and the flood. We’re living in that day, a day when man is denying creation as recorded in the book of Genesis 1, and the fact the flood found in Genesis 6,7, and 8.

Thus they also then are denying the coming of the Lord and basically because, as the verse tells us in II Peter, there walking after their own lust.  Now that’s the day we’re living, in a time just prior to the rapture of the church when Jesus does come not all the way back to the earth at that time, but to take us to be with him in the heavenlies and then seven years later he will come back to city of Jerusalem. And this end-time scenario is about to get underway with the rapture of the church.