July 18, 2019

The literal city of Babylon is alive and well and preparing to become the economic, political, governmental capitol of the world

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JD: UNESCO has finally made Babylon the literal city of Babylon they’ve made Babylon a world heritage site. Now that’s key is it not Charlie?

CD: I think it is Jimmy but I think it’s finally acknowledging the role that Babylon played in history. Those of us who love the Bible know that it’s the first city built following the flood. It’s the first of the empires that God named Gentile empires that would exist the four that would rise before God’s kingdom shows up here on Earth. We know there’s another role to be played still in the future but that’s still to come.

JD: Has it been refurbished much more? Have you been able to get reports about that?

CD: I’ve actually been trying to follow it. Saddam Hussein put a palace on the first of the hills the one right above Nebuchadnezzar palace. Everything that I saw is still there and really nothing else has been built. If people are familiar with Google Earth the latest image they have is from about 2004. And then just over by the theater that was built by Alexander the Great where the US forces and the Polish forces were kind of interjected the modern. But otherwise everything that’s on that Google Earth image is everything I’ve walked through.

JD: The fact is that Revelation 18 talks about a literally Babylon. I would agree with that would you not?

CD: Oh absolutely! I think that Jeremiah 50 & 51 and even Isaiah 13 & 14 they all picture Babylon in the day of the Lord in the end times when Israel is going to be restored to its land. That’s when Babylon it says is going to be destroyed. John comes along in Revelation and quotes those old prophecies and says exactly the same thing. It’s Babylon being destroyed, Revelation 18. Jesus returning to Earth to set up his kingdom, Revelation 19. So we even have the timeline the rebuilding of Babylon. The energy that’s going to go into that city is going to be part of that last 7 year period just before Jesus returns to the Earth.

JD: Charlie Dyer with the details of his trip to Babylon and its preparation for the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Charlie Dyer’s report on his trip to Babylon and the preparation for it to become the economic political governmental capital of the world lines up with the Biblical account of God’s plan for this ancient city. Charlie mentioned Isaiah 13 & 14 and Jeremiah 50 & 51 as to the future of Babylon. Revelation 18 reveals the satanic purpose for this city that will be destroyed in one hour, that’s Revelation 18:10, 17 and 19. Revelation 16:17 and following reveals God’s plan of destruction for Babylon. Babylon will come to power and then be completely destroyed.