December 26, 2019

Even in the Christmas season, the threat of war is real

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JD: Ken, you cover geo political activities and travel all over the world. I’m sure you must have an interesting Christmas story. Can you give it to us please as we begin?

KT: Well I always try to get home for Christmas from where ever I am. There was one year around 20 years ago I was out on the USS George Washington off the coast of Kuwait and watching in the command room on the radar the Iranian F-14’s taking off and heading towards US carrier and then going back. And I knew that I would be leaving that carrier and those people a couple of days before Christmas to rejoin my family. They would not be going home to their family. They would stay there on Christmas day to defend our freedom far away from home. So I guess my Christmas is really always a debt of gratitude to those people who can’t come home for Christmas.

JD: That is a great story. Man it just almost brought tears to my eyes there Ken. That’s a really exciting thought. Why don’t you pray for those men. You may have somebody special, men and women today who are protecting this country. Lift them in prayer if they’re not able to come home for Christmas. I have a grandson that will not be able to come home. He’s in the Navy and I’m going to be praying for him.

Looks like Russia’s top general has made a chilling prediction saying World War 3 is coming.

KT: Yes, this is pretty interesting Valery Gerasimov who is actually the chief of the Russian General staff. So this is somebody who is on active duty, Putin’s top military adviser warning that the build up of US and NATO forces in east Europe in the Baltics in particular but East Europe has become such a challenge to Russia that there’s a real risk of a military confrontation erupting because of a mistake. And General Gerasimov pointed out a number of close calls just in the past couple of months. The bottom line is Gersaimov is not saying Russia wants a war with the United States. He is saying there are great risk today because of the closeness of our military forces to each other and the build up of US and NATO forces in Europe.

JD: Ken Timmerman with his favorite Christmas story and the threat of World War 3 which is real.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jesus said in his Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24:6 & 7 that in the last days wars and rumors of wars would be prevalent. That describes our world today. Russia’s threat of World War 3 coming is an absolute at this Christmas season the time of our hope for peace on earth. The threat that Jesus warned us of is ready to take place. The birth of Jesus Christ fulfilled prophecy and the prophecy of war will be fulfilled as well.