February 23, 2021

The first phone call between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu did not discuss much about the Iranian nuclear deal

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JD: I hear that President Biden finally got a hold of Prime Minister Netanyahu on the telephone.

DD: Yes, he was among the top ten. He was the ninth they said world leader that he called. The Prime Minster's office released pictures of him smiling on the phone. He said he had a very good talk with Biden that it went well and that it was friendly and that they both acknowledge their personal ties over the years. They did though say that they discussed the region and Iran without going into any details. 

Later we heard from the Prime Minister's office that Biden did not inform him that the next day he was going to announce he would seek to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. That was not apparently shared with the Prime Minister. But Thursday morning the White House said they called Jerusalem and informed them that was coming later in the day. So they did have some advance knowledge of that. And the White House on its side said the call went well.

JD: Yes and that conversation was key because I understand this was the first call to any Middle Eastern nation. However, speaking of the situation about the Iranian nuclear deal, I understand Israel may not engage President Biden on his plans to restore that Iranian nuclear deal and the strategy. 

DD: Well Netanyahu's office put out a statement reiterating a total Israeli opposition to that flawed deal as they called it. And again they are again urging that the United States not rejoin it. It's really still not clear Jimmy that the deal will be re-entered by the United States in the end but certainly that is the intention to rejoin it on the White House part and certainly Israel is still very much opposed to that. 

JD: David Dolan explaining the Biden - Netanyahu phone call which did not include much on the Iranian nuclear deal.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Israeli's are happy that President Biden's first call to any Middle Eastern leader was his phone call to Mr. Prime Minister Netanyahu. America needs to have good relations with the Jewish state of Israel that's because of Biblical principles, Genesis 12:1-3 and the prophetic significance of that region. Prophetically the United States is not mentioned in the end of times scenario. However, America has made many political decisions that are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to fulfill God's perfect will, Revelation 17:17.