December 24, 2019

The Star of Bethlehem was real but astronomy cannot explain it

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JD: Can astronomy explain this Biblical star of Bethlehem, Don?

DD: Well Jimmy many efforts to try to identify the Christmas star and just what it was. There are different ideas. Some say it was a comet, some say a gathering of planets. But you know none of the ideas work out. The efforts failed to naturally explain the star of Bethlehem.

JD: Well then how must we look at it? Was it a supernatural event which of course the Lord can do?

DD: I think it was and for two good reasons. First, you know when the Magi reached Jerusalem Herod is unfamiliar with this star and his people as well. If it had been some major event in the sky, a gathering of planets, a comet it certainly would have been in the headlines and would have been well known. It sounds like the Wise Men were really the only people who saw the star which makes it special. And then of course the star leads the Wise Men after they leave Jerusalem to Bethlehem which is a direction from north to south. No natural object in the sky moves that way. Everything goes from east to west. So coming up with those ideas I would suggest the Star of Bethlehem was a supernatural phenomenon. It was temporary and its beyond natural explanation.

JD: Throughout the history of this earth and what’s been going on from the Biblical history let’s say, has there been other supernatural events that you would consider similar to this star leading the Magi?

DD: Certainly, and you know the Lord has used light in the sky in other times and places. When the Israelites were moving to the wilderness a pillar of fire guided them, a light in the sky. Of course a bright light blinded the Apostle Paul. God is the God of light and you just at his time and I think the star of Bethlehem is another example of supernatural temporary light that guided the way.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung revealing to us that the Star of Bethlehem cannot be explained by astronomy because it is a supernatural event.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Don DeYoung is a scientist, astronomer and a Bible believing Christian and has only one explanation for the Star of Bethlehem. It was a supernatural event which of course was used to guide the Wise Men to Bethlehem to visit the newborn Messiah Jesus Christ who had a supernatural birth. He would lead a supernatural life, have a supernatural resurrection and ascend into the heavenlies supernaturally. And that is not all of the supernatural events in the life of Jesus. He will come back to earth supernaturally and set up a supernatural kingdom.