November 30, 2017

A national talk show host says America has a sexual problem

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JD: As we look at our world today we look at what’s going on in Hollywood the sex scandals there that’s even filtered over into the media and some of the key media people accused of sexual activity. But it’s also gone into the United States Congress. Boy this is a sad commentary isn’t it?

SR: It is indeed. I really do believe that I’ve not heard publicly the right Biblical response to this. People are upset, they’re pointing fingers, everyone is concerned, as rightly they ought to be. But if I back up Jimmy and look at what this is I really believe that what we are witnessing from a very big prospective is a culture who has become guilty of idolatry, sexual adultery in the Bible is idolatry it walks together. And when that happens as a nation particularly a nation who once known the God of heaven turns their back and worships the creation, worship those things made by mans hands instead of God himself.

Ultimately you will find leaders who are in positions of authority who reflect that idolatrous nature. And I think that’s really what we are seeing and is perhaps the bigger picture that as I am looking at this I’m saying boy o boy this should be something that harkens all of us as believers, as the pulpit back to the word of God and saying alright we’ve got a problem it’s now becoming indisputable now what’s the solution and that really takes us back to the word of God and Jesus Christ as the only redeemer of the souls of man kind.

What is happening now I think is that of interest is that for some reason and just probably because God is permitting it these things are now beginning to come polite. And to that extent that is a good thing because if justice is done then it’s a good thing but Jimmy it’s been there for a long time. I believe we’re just beginning to see it come out and really in reality. Unfortunately I think it’s the tip of the iceberg for what if all is revealed that has been covered is revealed it’ll be even further astounding to the American people.

JD: Sam Rohrer with the details behind the national sex scandal.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam Rohrer hit the nail right on the head when he said that America has turned its back on God to worship the creation instead of worshiping the creator, that’s Romans chapter 1. That same passage of scripture says that God will turn his back on human kind, that’s Romans chapter 1 and II Peter chapter 2. This is tangible evidence of the end of time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy coming better into focus.