July 17, 2017

The defeat of Islamic State in the Iraqi city of Mosul is not the end of the story

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JD: Bob over in Iraq and Northern Iraq the Mosul situation with Islamic state there, they’ve already announced that indeed they have defeated Islamic state in Mosul. I think they’re still doing a cleaning up exercise but they have some real challenges after this is all over do they not?

BM: They have a lot of challenges Jimmy. Clearly it’s going to take many of billions of dollars to try to put that city back to where it was before 2014 when Baghdadi and ISIS went in there. Then you have all the countries in the region that wants part of that region. Obviously Syria and northern Iraq I think to a certain degree are up for grab. Since the beginning of the 20th century we’ve had a lot of changes and the Turks want to get in there, the Iranians have a vested interest, clearly the Kurds would like an independent state. We want to mold and shape it to our like and of course the Russians are in there. So, you have all of these players they’re trying to bid for a piece of the future in that part of the world. It’s going to be quite a challenge in the future. And of course what happens to ISIS and the remnants? What happens to all these radical groups, the Jihadi that are all over the region? It really is a chaotic mess.

JD: Yes it is and a lot of questions as you just illustrated to us about this very important key city in northern Iraq. It’s the second largest city in Iraq. I do believe the Kurds are really first in line they’d love to have that very oil rich region as a part of their state, Kurdistan.

Colonel Bob Maginnis with the real news behind the Iraqi military defeat of Islamic state in Mosul, Iraq.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Mosul the second largest city in Iraq has a past, present, and prophetic significance. In the past Mosul was Biblical Nineveh capital city of the Assyrian Empire. The present significance is that this oil rich city in northern Iraq is where the Kurds desire to build their state called Kurdistan. The Kurds, major players in the defeat of Islamic state, the Kurds have a prophetic scenario as well as it relates to Mosul.

Mosul is the city related to the Kurdish state of the future and will rise up to destroy the city of Babylon, that’s found in Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 51:11. This battle of the Kurds helping to defeat the Babylonians in the end times will happen just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.