March 10, 2017

A homosexual who says that he is a Christian also says that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality

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JD: A couple of years ago we talked about Matthew Vines who actually wrote a book. He claims to be an evangelical believer and he tried to make an argument that the Bible doesn’t actually condemn same sex relationships. Now, what are a few of those main arguments that Vines had?

DJ: His book came out in 2014 and God and The Gay Christian. He also argues that the primary sin in Sodom Gomorrah wasn’t homosexuality but it was pride and arrogance in the way they treated the poor. And then he says same sex attraction is actually a new concept that didn’t exist in the first century or before and that homosexuality is a relatively a new term in the English language. And then he says that Paul is wrong in Romans I when he gives homosexuality as primarily an issue of lust rather than love.

JD: Well, just briefly David how would you respond to these arguments Biblically?

DJ: The issue of Christians condemning homosexuality and hurting gay people well, we also condemn adultery and just because we would condemn adultery or we would say that people should not have sex outside of marriage whether before marriage or inside marriage that doesn’t mean we’re bearing bad fruit. That is a completely empty argument.

And then when you look at the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah he’s referring to a passage later in one of the prophets where it does talk about sins of pride and arrogance but, when you go back to the accounts in Genesis you have to realize that God didn’t wipe out those 5 cities on the plane simply because of way they treated the poor. He wiped them out because the homosexual behavior was rampant within that culture and God didn’t not want it to spread outside those cities.

And as far as same sex attractions being a new concept and homosexuality being a new term. There are two Greek words; one has to do with men having sex with boys and one men having sex with men. Those are the very words in I Corinthians chapter 6 so it’s not new and he’s actually lying when he’s trying to twist the Bible to say that.

And then in Romans 1 about homosexuality being primarily an issue of lust. Paul doesn’t get into the emotion he get’s into the matter of homosexual behavior, which he shows is actually at the death spiral of humanity into sin  and homosexuality being characteristic of a culture is what happens just before God executes judgment. 

JD: David James with a Biblical argument for condemning homosexual behavior.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

David had some very important Biblical principles for you to consider on this particular issue. Homosexuality and the spread of this sin will be prevalent in the last days.

In the gospel of Luke 17:28-30 would be the record of what Jesus Christ had to say about the subject. The spread of homosexuality in our world today is evidence that we are in the last days.