November 18, 2019

Turkish President Erdogan visits the White House and is chastised for his recent actions

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JD: One more item about Turkey, there was a visit by Tayyip Erdogan who is the President, seemingly the President for life there in Turkey. And it was kind of a contentious meeting I understand because some of the US Senators were in the meeting with Trump and Tayyip Erdogan. What’s your observations of what did take place?

KT: Absolutely Jimmy. But I thought it was very interesting President Trump thought it necessary to bring in five key Republican Senators. The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Comity and others, Rick Scott of Florida, to essentially show Erdogan that he was the good cop in the room and watch out you better deal with me the good cop who is going to hold your feet to the fire because other wise you’re going to get all of these bad cops who are promising right here and now to your face that the US Senate and Congress in general will impose new sanctions on Turkey if Turkey does not scale back its military operations in Northern Syria. And stop it’s attack against Kurdish civilians. He has been Tweeting out in Arabic saluting ISIS fighters who are now fighting under Turkish flag against the Kurds.

Now Erdogan thought he was going to steal the show. He pulled out and Ipad during this meeting in the White House and showed a crude propaganda film about the head of the Kurdish YPG, the Kurdish military arm fighting ISIS, claiming that he was a terrorist himself. And Lindsey Graham who was in the room said “well gee do you want me to go to the Kurds and have them make a propaganda film about your actions, what do you see what that one is going to looks like Mr. President” he said to Erdogan. So yes it was a very contentious meeting and Erdogan is an extraordinarily arrogant person and he behaved with great arrogance. And I think he’s going to get a comeuppance from the US Congress.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the contentious meeting at the White House between President Trump and Turkish President Erdogan.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken’s report on the White House meeting between Trump and Erdogan was evidence that the US-Turkish relations are not in good shape. Erdogan as Ken reported is very arrogant and wants to be the pan Islamic leader of the Islamic world. But also at the same time he wants to revive the Ottoman Empire which ruled the Middle East for nearly 400 years. Those two desires may come to pass but we know for sure that Turkey will be a member of the coalition of Islamic states that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. That is an absolute according to Bible prophecy, Ezekiel 38:5.