March 31, 2020

The recently passed Congressional Economic Relief bill may be opening the door for a one-world currency

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JD: They're talking about using the digital dollar as a way to distribute to the US citizens and the small businesses. Talk to me about this digital dollar. How will that operate?

RM: Yeah, Jimmy we've known about this since November 2019. The Federal Reserve has been working to develop a digital currency but we're shocked to hear that the House version of the Congressional Relief Bill Package included paying people with it. So that is our indication that even though it did not make it into the final bill Central Bank digital money is ready to go.

JD: Is this a wave of the future, the digital dollar as you see it?

RM: Essentially the digital dollars is an electronic entry on a bank leaguer. Like paper money it's only backed by the full faith credit of the issuer. The digital dollar could prevent a run on banks and provide a instant entry to a person's bank account and give them credit that can be used through a credit card or Paypal. The infrastructure for digital transaction is called block chain is already in place. Just last week it was used by China in over a hundred cities.

JD: So you're talking about it being international, is that correct?

RM: Yes, yes it is Jimmy.

JD: Well the Bible does call in the revival of the Roman Empire. It has to be very similar to the Old Roman Empire and they had a common currency. Are we saying basically this digital dollar could become that common global currency?

RM: Jimmy the short answer is yes. Last week the Federal Reserve announced they were considering confiscating dollars coming from Asia because of virus germs on the paper currency. So a digital currency would solve that problem. The whole system of paper money could change quickly to global digital world money that could replace the dollar as world currency. According to the report Jimmy the switch could even happen over night.

JD: Ron Morro explaining how the digital dollar could become a one world currency.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ron's report does lay out a scenario that could set the stage for a one world currency. This potential possibility could help set the stage for the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to be fulfilled. Daniel chapters 2 & 7 calls for a Revived Roman Empire. Chapter 2 the ten toes and chapter 7 the ten horns.
In Revelation 17:12 once again it speaks of the ten horns representing the Revived Roman Empire.

This political power will come about during the Tribulation period because the Old Roman Empire had a one world currency. Once again a political decision setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.