December 30, 2016

Prophecy, which is the teaching of God's Prophetic Word, is in crisis and that's because present day prophecy teachers are doing what they are doing

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JD: David as we consider the matter of prophecy that’s what we’ve been focused on today, and the importance of handling the Word of God correctly. There seems to be a growing trend that you deal with in a seminar that you have called Prophecy in Crisis, talk to us about it.

DJ: Well you know it’s been almost 5 years ago in January when Jonathan Cahn first came out with his book, The Harbinger, and then in 2014 he followed it up with the, Mystery of the Shemitah, of course I wrote books rebutting both of his books and it has to do with people taking the Word of God out of context, misapplying scripture, misrepresenting history, misusing statistics and things like that to prove points and try to connect a dot that can’t be connected concerning current events and prophecies in the past. And of course Mark Biltz and John Hagee came out with their books on the Blood Moon Tetrad, we passed that in the September 2015, and nothing happened. As we said they were mishandling scripture and of course those things they said would happen, including the Tribulation and the return of Christ, they just didn’t happen.

 And then there’s another branch that we’ve called Nephillim UFO eschatology where men like LA Marzulli, Tom Hornsby, Quail, Doug Ham, Gary Stearman even, unfortunately, have got caught up in talking about that demons are going to be using UFOs. There’s going to be UFO encounters and that there are nephillim on the earth today; the antichrist is going to be a nephillim, the fallen angels in Genesis 6 were involved with dna manipulation, that’s just speculation and wild sensationalism. And then there’s another trend that’s anti dispensationalism, the neo covenant guys, saying that dispensationalism is the wrong way to look at scripture. And then those who are against the pre-trib understanding of the rapture of the church like Joe Schimmel, Joel Richardson, Jacob Prasch these are all things that put prophecy in crisis, I believe.

JD: Yes, I would have to agree with that. Amen and amen.

Well a lot of these prophecy teachers who tend to specialize in the sensational have gained quite a following whether it be through their books, or DVD’s; through television programs, and radio interviews that they do and even some are holding major conferences around the nation.  

DJ: Well that’s true you know the Harbinger was the number one Christian book of 2012. A lot of these sensationalist claims and all these things they attract people’s attention and it get’s people away from the solid study of the Word of God. And it’s really unfortunate that people start following personalities rather than the prophetic Word of God.     

JD: David James, author and broadcast partner right here on Prophecy Today with details on this story.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. And let me quickly remind you that II Peter 1:19 says that we have a more sure word of prophecy and we should be studying it today.