November 18, 2020

Israeli leaders are concerned about an older Joe Biden as President of the United States

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JD: As it looks that there may be a new Administration led by Joe Biden bottom line as it relates to the Israeli body politic are they concerned about a Biden Administration? 

WM: I'm glad you asked me about the Biden Administration. If it was Mr. Biden himself about 10 years ago I don't think that the politicians and even the diplomats that's staff to Foreign Ministry that would be that much upset. However, it's a Mr. Biden who is much older. Who sometimes doesn't remember where he is. Who is going to be dependent on his Administration. If he appoints good people, fair people, knowledgeable people then we have no problem. But if he appoints people who want to come back to the Iran deal who will be more "about a peace process with the Palestinian Authority and other issues that are built to be essence" and the Supreme security of the state of Israel and the citizens we'll have to see who these people are. 

I might have mentioned it the last time we spoke if Mr. Biden will last out the four years or if he will cater too much to the so called progressive social Democratic wing of Democratic party. These things Jimmy can play out not that well. And I'm not only talking about Israel I think many countries discuss this issue. It's one agenda item. In my opinion its the most important but that's from my prospective. But there's also other foreign policy issues and world agenda items, global aspects of an American Administration that could be affected by the wrong people or a weak President in the wrong places.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining why and older Joe Biden as President of America is a concern to the Israeli leaders.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Winkie has been involved in the political arena in Israel for a number of years. That experience gives Winkie insight into the Israeli body politic and their concerns about an older Biden as the next US President. However, we must remember that America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. Though Israel has a good relationship with the Trump Administration and in fact Israel needs that type of a relationship in the future as well. The bottom line however is that God will take care of the Jewish state in the last days. He does that because He has a plan for Israel forever.