March 06, 2019

The Israeli Attorney General intends to indict the Israeli Prime Minister

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JD: Israeli Attorney General intends to indict the Prime Minister on bribery, fraud and breach of trust. So when we want to get the inside information we go to Winkie Medad. Winkie, is that a serious indictment or what’s going on? Tell us the extent of the seriousness of this move by the Attorney General.

WM: Well first of all Jimmy in many countries around the world by law you cannot charge a sitting Prime Minister or President. Second is that this has been going on for about two and a half years Jimmy and it’s been a very long process. It’s become very political and very public rather than a matter of legalistic or judicial considerations. And the third point I want to make out is that while the elections are only about just over a month away the process that has now started is that Mr. Netanyahu still has the ability to get an appointment for an interview before the charges are put before the court themselves. This week the charges were only an intention of the Attorney General which means the trial will not start for maybe close to a half a year or more, which means that the Attorney General has interfered with the elections without the public being able to know if he is correct or is he not correct. Is Mr. Netanyahu a criminal and what degree or maybe he’s innocent completely and yet during the elections they can vote this way or that way based on something they really don’t know.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details on the intended indictment of the Israeli Prime Minister.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Winkie’s report does for sure detail a political move on the part of the Attorney General of Israel. This announcement coming just weeks before the upcoming election which will elect the next Prime Minister is a very suspicious move. We don’t know if the Prime Minister is guilty or not but this as I’ve already said is a political move to defeat the Prime Minister’s efforts for re-election. Remember God brought Human Government into existence on this earth for the purpose of guiding human kind to do his will, that’s Genesis 9:6.

The election of any political leader is God’s way to have his plan fulfilled on the earth, that’s Revelation 17:17. To cheat the process is against God’s will.