February 16, 2018

Many evangelical Christians are turning to Theistic Evolution for their understanding of the origins of man

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JD: David did you know a lot of Christian’s even evangelicals seem to be increasingly accepting theistic evolution as their view of origins? Now theologically what do you see as the biggest problem with this view?

DJ: Well if you think about it theistic evolution is true that means that man ultimately in other life forms develop from lower life forms and that we descended from a common ancestor. Now that would mean that as you go through time you get to a point where there are many human like animals but they are not yet human and then you possibly hundreds of thousands or millions of them. Now if that is the case the question is did God breathe the spirit of life into just two of them and if that happened could they then breed with the other animals that are biologically the same but don’t have the breath of life and not human beings.

Or alternatively they’re all developing with souls and if that’s the case that means that there was not a single original pair who committed an original sin from whom the entire human race is descended. Now if that is true if we did not all descend from a single pair and we did not all inherit a sin nature then that means that not everybody is born with a sin nature and therefore we are not sinners by nature and therefore we do not need a redeemer. So, what happens is it cuts ultimately to the heart of the gospel and takes away the need for the Savior who came to this earth as a man died on the cross for our sins so that as the last Adam he would die in our place taking the punishment we deserve. It’s an extremely important issue.

JD: David James with the details on this story from the Bible.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As David James said this is an extremely important issue it deals with the matter of salvation and the eternal existence of man kind. God’s word is absolute on the origins of man but also the issue of salvation. We must get both of these issues right. Jesus died and resurrected to give us eternal salvation if we trust in him. But remember that truth is based on creation. Creation the way the Bible reveals that in six twenty-four hour days about six thousand years ago God brought all of creation into existence that’s Exodus 20:11 and Genesis chapter 1. This is indeed an extremely important issue if we are to believe his prophetic truth for the future.