October 21, 2015

A supercomputer has predicted and will in the future be able to predict upcoming world conflicts and revolutions

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According to the research at the University of Illinois feeding a supercomputer with millions of news stories, scientists believe they can predict major world events including regional conflicts and even revolutions like the recent revolutions in Libya and Egypt.

Scientists say they liken this forecasting of conflicts to weather forecasting and the system appears to generate better intelligence than the US government is working with today.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A supercomputer that can predict world conflict before the fact may or may not be totally accurate, but there is a way to know the future, that is by reading the end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

As scientists feed hundreds of millions of news articles into a supercomputer, they are working on developing a way to foretell the future in the area of world conflict and revolutions. This new research seems to have predicted the uprising in the Arab world, the so-called Arab spring with pretty good accuracy; however, pretty good is not perfect as is the written Word of God and its presentation of the end time scenario for the events of the future.

Daniel, the ancient Jewish prophet, in Daniel 11 predicted the rise of Ahazerias, the king of the book of Esther, 57 years before he appeared, Daniel 11:2. He also revealed information about Alexander the Great 200 years before he came to power and 360 years before the fact, Daniel prewrote history about Antiochus Epiphanes who would desecrate the Temple which did happen December 25, 168 BC. Daniel's prophecy, which is prewritten history about the Antichrist found in Daniel 7:8, 9:27, and 11:36-45 will also be fulfilled based on past prophecies being fulfilled. Daniel also wrote of world conflict 2500 years ago which would include Syria, Egypt, and Libya the major Arab nations now on the radar screen, Daniel 11:40-44. 

We must not put our trust in a supercomputer that actually can fail, but instead put our trust in Bible prophecy, Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.