September 15, 2016

Iran and Hamas are meeting to put a plan in place on how to destroy the Jewish State of Israel

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JD: My broadcast partner for the Middle East region is David Dolan, who has further insight into this Iranian/Hamas meeting that is taking place.

DD: Well Jimmy, the most important thing about that is just the fact that you have a major Shi'ite group and a major Sunni Muslim group cooperating and working together because as we know throughout the Middle East right now Shi'ites and Sunnis are fighting each other. In Yemen, in Syrian and in Iraq and other places too, so to have this large Shi'ite country, Iran, publicly cozying up to the Sunni Muslim Hamas movement is something, just on its own. But of course, what brings them together is the greatest hatred that brings all Muslims together and that is of the non-believer, the infidel, and particularly of the Jews who have humiliated the Muslims by wining wars in the last century in the Middle East. And Israel's re-appearance at all seems to contradict the basic belief's of many Muslims that they are the final revelation of truth; and Judaism has long ago been surpassed and the Jews are a relic of Biblical history, no longer meant to be relevant as a spiritual force, etc.  These two groups, again, have been cooperating for some time because of their hatred of Israel and their desire to see it destroyed, and they continue to do that, but now they are being more open about it. We have had arms shipments from Iran to Hamas over the last few years, those are likely to continue and even be strengthened. It is that military alliance that is the most worrisome for Israel because Hamas has a lot of other Muslim friends that are funding it, mainly in Quatar and the Gulf countries, those are Sunni Muslims; but it really doesn't have anybody else  that is actively working to supply it with military arms other then Iran through their agents in Hezbollah. That's the scene and while you might see the same cousins fighting each other on the battlefield in Syria; there they are, in the Gaza Strip at least, cooperating and strengthening Hamas, and that of course worries the Israelis very much.

JD: David Dolan with that update on the Iranian/Hamas meeting, putting together a plan to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Iran and Hamas are working together to destroy the Jewish state of Israel and that is a page out of Bible prophecy.

Ezekiel 38:5 mentions Persia as a part of the alignment of nations that will come against the Jewish state of Israel. Today Persia is known as Iran, and they are a part of that coalition that will come against the Jewish state of Israel at the beginning of the Tribulation Period. Meanwhile, Hamas, which is located in the Gaza Strip also want to destroy the Jewish people, Ezekiel 35. The stage is set for both of these prophecies to be fulfilled. And that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.