December 06, 2012

As Syria raises the stakes over its chemical weapons, an Israeli expert says measures are being taken to minimize the threat

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There are a number of reports from what seems to be reliable sources that the Bashur Assad regime in Syria has told their technicians to mix precursor chemicals for the deadly nerve gas sarin, a chemical weapon that is potentially very dangerous. There have been some reports that the chemical may have been loaded into aerial bombs which according to the Israeli expert makes dealing with the WMD much less dangerous.

Mordecai Kedar, a twenty-five year veteran of military intelligence, says that actions are quietly being taken to deal with the potential threat by Syria's chemical arsenal.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The threat that Syria might be ready to use a deadly chemical weapon is a precursor to the end times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy.

Reports have spread across the world that Bashar Assad, President of Syria, might have given the order to mix the ingredients for the deadly sarin gas, a WMD. There have been reports that this deadly chemical weapon may have been loaded into aerial bombs and are ready to be deployed in the civil war there in Syria. An Israeli expert says that if this sarin gas has been loaded into an aerial bomb, it becomes less dangerous to deal with since they can intercept and explode the bombs in mid-air, which will cause very little harm to those on the ground.

This scenario playing out in the Middle east is actually a precursor to the prophetic events foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets. Ezekiel 38 speaks of an alignment of nations that will form in the last days and try to destroy Israel. Daniel 11:40 mentions two of that coalition of nations as Syria and Egypt. Earlier in Daniel 11 the King of the North is Syria and the King of the South, Egypt. Israeli leaders say they can deal with the threat of chemical WMDs from Syria, however the Bible reveals that the Lord will intercede to save the Jewish state from annihilation, Ezekiel 38:18-39:6.

Syria is the first of this coalition of nations to attack Israel which may or may not be the case in this present crisis, God's Word however is absolute. The Lord will deal with the final Syrian threat.