November 03, 2017

The Jewish State of Israel is calling on the world to allow the Kurds to have their own independent state

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JD: I don’t quite understand why the Israeli’s are so in favor of an independent state called Kurdistan made up of the Kurdish people. What’s the information we need to know?

WM: First of all let’s go back about a hundred years, the current state of Iraq actually was called Mesopotamia and the state of Iraq was basically created artificially by the British after World War I. They joined together these three groups of which really don’t sit very well together. The Shiites, and the Sunni’s and the Moslems of course are fighting tooth and nail today, blowing themselves each one of them up in each other’s musk.

The Kurd’s are actually the natural historic group that has been in Iraq since the times of Babylon. And if I mention Babylon then Babylon and the Jewish people go back about 2,000 years. And actually Jews and the Kurds in one form or another have been living together for about 2,000 years and have established co-existence and understanding in that period and in that area of this world. And so we’re very naturally familiar with each other, have working relationships.

All throughout the 60s and 70s Israel assisted the Kurds in order to gain their freedom. This is a very long relationship both historically and strategically in terms of against a radical Arab regime both in Iraq and other places that are anti-Israel. The Kurds are our natural allies. 

JD: Winkie Medad with the explanation of why Israel seems to be the only nation calling for the Kurdish State of Kurdistan.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Kurds in the top third of modern day Iraq have long wanted their own independent state in this oil rich region of the Middle East. Not one of the other Middle Eastern nations except Israel wants the Kurds to have their own nation. In fact, Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq say that they are willing to go to war to stop the Kurds from forming the nation of Kurdistan.

Modern day Kurds are the Biblical Medes of the Medo-Persian Empire the Gentile power who allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity, that’s Ezra chapters 1-6.

Speaking of the Babylonians that’s modern day Iraq the ancient Jewish prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 51:11 says that God will raise up the Medes the Kurds of today to destroy Babylon in the last days, and that’s Revelation chapter 18.