November 09, 2016

A High Ranking Iranian Military Leader Says That Iranian Agents Will Soon Be In The United States and In The European Union

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JD: An Iranian military leader says that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Core will soon be in the United States and the European Union. What’s that all about?

KT: Well in many ways they already are, they have networks of supporters and of agents on the ground in Western Europe and in the United States. How do we know this? Because from time to time they get arrested, they get arrested for trying to procure spare parts for F-4, F-5, or F-14 aircraft that were purchased by the Iranians under the shaw. So they have these black markets smuggling, arm smuggling, networks out there and from time to time they get arrested, so we know they’re already here.

What I think is really a matter of question is whether they plan to carry out terrorist attacks using terrorist cells that we don’t know yet. That seems to be what they’re hinting and the Iranians, whenever they suggest that they could carry out terrorist attacks in the West. Usually they preface it by saying, if we are attacked first, well, we'll we see if they keep up that preface or whether they’re going to launch aggressive attacks.

JD: Is it bravado from the Iranian General that says the United States is in strong decline?

KT:  Well, again, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Core the IRGC, the Revolutionary Guards, they have been growing, they have been training, they have lots of money, they have fresh equipment, and they see us pulling out, pulling back, withdrawing from the Middle East, and they see they’re own forces expanding. They now have troops in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq they control the situation in many ways on the ground, in Iraq, and they see the United States retreating.

JD: Ken Timmerman, my broadcast partner today with details about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard coming into the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Iran is a major player in the end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel pre-wrote history and included the nation of Iran as a major player on the world scene, at the time of the end, that’s Ezekiel 38:5 where it says Persia.

  Today Iran has military commandos in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. This report is evidence of Iran’s influence in the Middle East as they form an alignment of nations to come and try to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, that’s found in Ezekiel 38, Psalms 83, and Daniel 11. 

That stage is set, the actors are quickly moving into place and Bible prophecy is in the process of completely being fulfilled.