April 04, 2018

An Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jet, in fact two of them, have entered Iranian air space, undetected

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JD: Awaiting Newspaper reporting that the Israeli stealth jet fighter the F-35 actually two of them flew over Iran in their air space crossing both Syria and Iraq and then circling over the Persian Gulf on the facilities where they’re preparing those nuclear weapons of mass destruction. This is quite interesting news in light of a possibility of a preemptive strike against that nuclear program in Iraq.

DD: The F-35 is an amazing stealth aircraft. I’m sure that they have been using it to fly over some of their enemy states and positions and they’re not just taking pictures or making ground observations but as you say they’re probably plotting routes and looking at what’s already on paper in terms of a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program.

They don’t want war with Iran. They’ve never started this it was the other side the Hamanies and all these people, militant Muslims yet Israel is ready. I suspect Jimmy that we will see action fairly soon. President Trump said that the US would soon be disengaging from Syria that created some stir in the Middle East. Well the only way Syria is going to calm down is if Iran gets out of their as well Jimmy you know that. The Israeli’s are making that play.

So, if the Syrian conflict is coming to a head as the President was hinting that we’re going to be out of there well what’s going to happen before that? The speculation is that the US and Israel and others are talking about the real prospect of military action against Iran and this comes Jimmy in the wake of more missile firings into Saudi Arabia this week those are Iranian missiles. A Saudi citizen was killed in the capital that was hit by these rockets. So, that’s a very serious development as well and another step closer to a Saudi-Iranian clash as well as the other parties to the conflict.

JD: David Dolan with the details surrounding the report that two Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets entered Iranian air space.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

These two Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets in Iranian air space is a very new development. The Israeli air force says that they can do an Iranian preemptive strike and this report confirms that capability. Israel believes that they can defend themselves from the Iranian threat. However, not with an F-35 stealth jet fighter but God’s word says that the Lord himself will defend his people, the Jewish people. God has a plan for his people thus he will protect them so his plan can be fulfilled. And that protection is foretold in Ezekiel 38:18-39:6.