February 06, 2018

The Israeli Prime Minister visited President Vladimir Putin in Russia and then a Russian delegation visited Israel

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JD: Talk to me first about the meeting between Putin and Netanyahu and then what about those visitors to Israel?

DD: Israeli’s have been getting as much time with the Russian leaders as they can really over the past few years and this goes along with the overall trend of declining US involvement in Egypt and in other countries that are in the Middle East under President Obama. At any rate there has been a movement towards Moscow all over the region as we’ve seen. And Vladimir Putin’s stock has risen very highly in the Middle East. He came and declared that the Syrian War was effectively over and all analyst agreed that in fact it was Russian intervention that basically turned the tide so that Bashar al-Assad can remain as dictator in Syria. Of course Israel has clashed with forces fighting the war in Syria and has nearly clashed with the Russians so that’s always a topic of discussion.

But Jimmy it’s just considered very important in Jerusalem now to keep Moscow front and center and to keep Putin as much informed of what they’re doing and what their plans and purposes are. As far as the Russian’s coming to Israel that’s a mystery I haven’t deciphered that. There are various reports on what’s going on there.

Fascinating story Jimmy because the Russian’s are of course prophetically very much the Bible says will be involved in the last day activities but right now they are very involved in everything that is going on and of course they’ve also been very close to Iran. And have helped Iran’s expansion in the region has basically made the way for the Iranian’s to come into Syria and such a major way basically unopposed because the Russian’s were protecting them in reality and the same in Lebanon. Those are all things very much of concern to Israel and of course Prime Minister Netanyahu who makes clear all the time the Iranian threat is the primary threat that Israel faces and it’s nuclear threat in particular. So, undoubtedly developments there are certainly being discussed as well.

JD: David Dolan still looking for the reason that the Russian delegation did make a visit to Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As David Dolan reported Russia has had a growing presents in the Middle East and at the same time is developing its influence among the Arab and Moslem nations in that region of the world.

David also reminded us of the prophetic significance of Russia in the Middle East. Scripture mentions Russia several times by other names. One of those times is Ezekiel 38:2 where Russia is referred to as Magog and in Daniel 11:44 Russia mentioned as coming from the North. These passages reveal that Russia will play a key role in the end time scenario.