January 17, 2018

The Iranian demonstrators may allow the tens of thousands of Iranian Christians to surface and help bring down the Islamic Republic

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JD: Are these demonstrations from the grass roots or are they outside sources like the United States or Israel? And if indeed they overthrow it is that going to mean they’re going to get rid of Islam in this country all together?

SH: It’s a hard question to answer. Certainly I think there’s propaganda support meaning that I think the US and Israel is trying to help with communication support. Is there more than that? I’m not sure as far as you know again there would need to be outside intervention also for this regime to fall. But it is grass roots absolutely it is grass roots. And that’s why I said the propaganda of the regime to bring out their paid actors in the streets, their sort of pro-government protest and rallies that they’ve had. But it is absolutely grass roots.

And let’s not forget this important fact, that Iran is by many accounts the fastest growing church in the world. We’re talking potentially a million to a million and a half born again believers in Jesus Christ in these underground churches. But that is a stoking fire here that it’s hard to measure. So, because of that revival that is happening among the Persian people under great persecution Dr. DeYoung we know that Persia-Iran is mentioned in Bible prophecy. Right? We know in Ezekiel 38 as it’s mentioned prophecies and in Isaiah’s 11:11, in Jeremiah 49 the ancient prophecy about Elam.

So, Iran is definitely a player in the last days. And the Lord mentions the warning against the bow of Islam in Jeremiah 49. So, I think that eventually Islam is going to fall in Iran and there is going to be an amazing continued movement of God in the heart of the Iranian people. Let’s not forget that Persia has had a special relationship with the Jewish people in the Bible. And I think the Lord has a special heart for the Persian people which is why I think you see this revival happening. 

JD: Shahram Hadian revealing the large number of Christians located today in Iran.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Iran is an Islamic Republic that is controlled by the Iranian leaders the radical Ayatollah’s. Even though there is over a million Christians in the underground church in Iran these Islamic radicals have control of this nation. Islam by the way is the lowest common denominator in the alignment of nations that will join together in an effort to destroy the Jewish state of Israel that’s Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11, and Psalm 83.

We know that this is God’s absolute scenario for the end of days. We praise the Lord for the Iranian Christians but remember Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.