August 20, 2019

Two members of the United States Congress have been barred from entering the Jewish State of Israel

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JD: Why is this such an interesting development today?

DD: Well Jimmy actually the two Congresswomen were invited to participate in that much larger congressional visit where it’s an Israeli foundation that sponsors those trips for new Congressmen and women to come and see Israel and meet with Israeli leaders. They’re also free to meet with Palestinians and many of them do and to see other things as well.

But these two women especially Tlaib who’s grandmother lives in Samaria they made it clear through their program that they were not going to see Israel. They said they would meet with no Israeli officials, no opposition Israeli leaders and wouldn’t go to any Israeli sites. They would just go to Palestinians sites in Palestine. In fact they said their visit was to Palestine not to Israel as Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out. And the Israeli’s have a law Jimmy that bans anybody that supports or publicly advocates I should say the boycott disinvestments and sanctions movement against Israel from coming to the country. It’s against Israeli law to do that. So Prime Minister Netanyahu was just abiding by what is the Knesset law here.

And Jimmy you know Tlaib statement after she asked Prime Minister Netanyahu through Interior Minister Aryeh Deri if she could just come and visit her 90 year old grandmother and she said I wouldn’t do anything else but visit her. He said come your free to do that and that was Friday morning and then she tweeted back no under those quote oppressive conditions you’re putting on me I won’t go. The Interior Minister replied, well this exposed her true motives provocative request amid at bashing Israel he said. It was a ridiculous plan they should have gone with the other Congress people that were there, they would have heard both sides. The government of Israel made up its mind but again based on Israeli law.

JD: David Dolan with details behind Israel not allowing two members of the United States Congress to enter the Jewish state.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In the last days the Jewish state of Israel will be evil spoken of and in the time of the end the world will want to destroy this chosen state of the Jewish people. God has a plan for the Jews, II Samuel chapter 7 which is the Davidic Covenant. That plan will be fulfilled or the world could say that Jesus cannot keep His promises. Jesus can and will keep His promises especially those that He made in Ezekiel 34 where 18 times He says I will. He does all that He says He will do because of His holy namesake, that’s Ezekiel 36:22. God’s plan will be fulfilled.