April 16, 2021

Anti-Semitism is the cause of the killing of millions of Jews in the past and in the future as well

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JD: We know that the Holocaust is a direct consequence of anti-Semitism. David how would you trace the source of anti-Semitism Biblically?

DJ: Anti-Semitism I would say is a direct result of what we could call Satan's war against God. This war began when Satan the highest of God's angels at that time known as Lucifer. He was a beautiful and powerful cherub and he first rebelled against God as described in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. And again known as Lucifer before his fall this powerful angel decided that he would set himself above God.

The reason Lucifer became angry and prideful was that God made Adam a mere human someone less powerful to be God's regent over the creation instead of Lucifer. So he became God's adversary which is exactly what Satan means in Hebrew. In Genesis 3:15 after the fall of Adam and Eve God warned Satan that an offspring of the woman would defeat him. There was an attempt to prevent that when fallen angels tried to corrupt the entire human race as recorded in Genesis 6. God spared only the uncorrupted family of Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives. One of his sons was named Shem and we get the word Semitic from his name. 

Because of the language of judgment at Babel the world was divided into many nations and God raised up a new nation through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who were descendants of Shem and this became God's chosen people Israel. So Satan focused his attention against the Israelites because they were God's chosen people and it quickly became clear that it was God's intention for Israel, the Jews to rule the world through a descendant of David the Messiah, the redeemer, the Savior, the one who would defeat Satan fulfill Genesis 3:15. So this is what anti-Semitism about. Satan using people in his war against God and His chosen people.

JD: David James with the details of the origins of anti-Semitism.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David's history lesson on anti-Semitism helps us to understand the cause for the Holocaust of World War II and at the same time gives us the reason that God's word calls for another Holocaust in the future, that's found in Zechariah 13:8. And at that time two out of every three Jews will be killed during the Tribulation period yet future. We must warn Jewish people of the time of Jacobs trouble to come.