July 13, 2017

Recently President Trump visited the Holocaust site in Warsaw, Poland to say, "Never again will a Holocaust happen"; however, the Bible says there will be another Holocaust

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JD: What was the Warsaw Ghetto? Elwood, explain it to the people who may not understand it.

EM: Well when the Nazi’s decided to annihilate the Jews in Poland three million Jewish people who lived in Poland at the time after the Holocaust they could only find some three hundred thousand. The Germans walled up an area of Poland and moved all of the Jewish people into that Ghetto.

JD: The President went there he didn’t go to the Ghetto his daughter as you said did. But is this type of thing a Jewish Ghetto like that is it possible again in our day or in days in the future?

EM: Yes, yes it is Jimmy because we don’t learn from the past. They do not want to hear about the suffering that can happen and will happen again because of the fact that people refuse to remember. They want to have their ears tickled so to speak and just have happy happy all the time. It almost guarantees that this kind of dictatorship will carry on from time to time.

JD: Dr. Elwood McQuaid he wrote the book about the Warsaw Ghetto and one of the hero’s a man named Kalischer. He has been there he understands the scripture does say there will be another Holocaust in the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Holocaust under the Nazi’s lead by Adolf Hitler was a terrible time in the history of the Jewish people. One third of all the Jews at the time were killed. That means six million of the eighteen million Jews in the world back during the time of World War II were either gassed or put to death in the Holocaust across Europe. People have asked will that ever happen again? I asked Elwood that question just a moment ago and his answer immediately was yes.  

When you look to God’s prophetic word you see that indeed is the case. In the book of Zechariah 13:8 it says that during the time of the tribulation period the time of Jacobs trouble two out of every three Jews would be killed. At the population numbers for the Jews and our world today that means twice as many as the first Holocaust in World War II will be killed more than twelve million Jews killed in that terrible time to come. God’s word helps us to understand we must warn the Jews of the time of Jacobs trouble that will happen during the seven year tribulation period.