December 19, 2016

World leaders are concerned about where the Syrian rebels leaving Aleppo are going, and will they continue their Islamist activities

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JD: Those rebels, they are being allowed to leave Aleppo as well, some of them with the fact that they’re going out with the citizens of Syria but many are saying that they’re headed to the European Union. I mean where are all these rebels going to go, are they going to go some place else in Syria and come together? What are your thoughts about this?

KT: Well that’s a very good question, nobody knows for sure. We do know that there are many thousands of Europeans amongst the rebels. Many of them, as they get frustrated on the battlefield, will go back to their homes of origin whether its place like Chechnya, the Republic of Georgia, or other places in the Russian Federation or whether it’s Italy, Germany, France, and Great Britain we don’t know. But you’re right there are thousands and thousands of those fighters who are now going to be disbursed on the battlefield it’s unclear that they’re going to join the rebel organization because many of them are from the al-Qaeda affiliate and from ISIS so all of those groups do not get along.

JD: This civil war just because Assad seems to have been the victor as it relates to Aleppo after four years. This civil wars not over it’s going to continue and they may regroup, these rebels, and come at him again from some other location.

KT: Well that’s right, and again they’ve got Aleppo is now a strong hold of the government but it is also surrounded on one side by ISIS and on the other side by the rebels and to the north by the Kurds. They only have a very narrow card or from the south that connects to other government held areas. The civil war is far from over.

What I think is going on here Jimmy, is look the Russians in particular and the Iranians understood they had a window of opportunity until Donald Trump takes over as president on January 20th, and they wanted to get the battle of Aleppo behind them as long as Obama was president because they were confident that president Obama would do nothing, would not get in their way, would not stop them in any other way, and they were absolutely correct in that assessment the Obama administration has done nothing.  

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the Aleppo tragedy. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

 Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A focus on Syria is key to your understanding of Bible prophecy.

Isaiah 17 reveals that Damascus, Syria will be destroyed in the last days. Daniel 11:40 says Syria, the King of the North in the passage, that Syria will lead the movement of the aligned nations into Israel with an effort to destroy the Jewish state. To see where we are in Bible prophecy in God’s timeline for the future we need to watch Syria.