August 10, 2017

Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, has fired the leaders of Turkeys' Army, Air Force, and Navy in order to become the most powerful leader of the nation of Turkey

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JD: Turkey has been applying to become a member state of the European Union. They are a part of NATO a North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In fact, they are the second largest military operation second only to the United States. But I understand now and one of the reasons I’m asking Rob to comment on this is this effort to try and to include Turkey as part of the European Union. Turkey has replaced the heads of its Army, Navy, and Air Force part of the opportunity that Tayyip Erdogan now has to shape the country the way he wants it; looks like he’s taking it into a Islamic Republic.

RC: Yes, completely an Islamic Republic, and one that will lead the Middle East in that part of the world under his leadership. Keep in mind really this effort to strengthen his position has been since the cooh almost a year ago. And always traditionally in Turkey the military has been if you will the counter force toward a nation being too Islamic controlled. So, he’s now dealing with the military. He’s getting rid of many of the officers that he’s blamed says being part of the cooh. He’s really getting rid of them to reduce the military power so that gives him freedom to become more of an Islamic state under his leadership. So, this is really following the path we would expect Erdogan to follow if that’s his goal is to become not only Islamic nation but the leader of the Islamic land.

JD: Dr. Rob Congdon with the details behind Tayyip Erdogan’s quest to become the pan Islamic leader and revive the Ottoman Empire.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For almost three decades Tayyip Erdogan has been trying to revive the old Ottoman Empire, that Islamic Empire that stood in the Middle East for some 400 years. In Erdogan’s quest to be the pan Islamic leader of the world he has served as mayor of Istanbul, founded a new political party so that he could run for Prime Minister, which he held for two terms and is now President of Turkey all for the purpose of becoming the most powerful leader the absolute authority of Turkey.

This all lines up with Ezekiel 38:2 & 6 where it talks about modern day Turkey in Biblical terms Meshek, Tubal, Gomer, and Togarmah. These four sections of modern day Turkey dates all the way back to Asia Minor some 2,000 years ago. Turkey is now ready to play out its role in Bible prophecy.