January 10, 2017

The United States Congress has voted to protect the Jewish right to pray at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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JD: Speaking about the United States Congress Ken, there are plans that they’re going to target legislation against the United Nations. Will that be effective, will it mean anything or not?

KT: I think it will. There is a huge outrage bi-partisan outrage against President Obama’s action at the Untied Nations to allow this resolution that calls the Western Wall in Jerusalem, occupied territory; again an outrageous development. The United States historically has vetoed this type of resolution at the UN Security Council. This time President Obama directed his UN Ambassador not to veto it, to allow it to go through. Now you’re going to have Palestinian’s trying to take Israeli’s to the ICC claiming they’re living in occupied territory when they go to pray at the Western Wall; simply outrageous. So Congress voted on Thursday night a resolution condemning this and they are going to be considering defunding the United Nations once President-elect Trump takes power. They want to wait until he’s in office but  they, never the less, voted this bi-partison resolution condemning the Obama administration for this outrageous action.

JD: Ken Timmerman from Washington and seated there on the catbird seat with details on the United States Congress making a decision to vote to protect the Jewish right to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

You know for centuries the Jews have been praying three times a day at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A recent United Nations resolution took away that right of the Jewish people saying it would be illegal for them to go to the Western Wall and offer their prayers.

This resolution said that the Western Wall is Palestinian territory and thus occupied land as far as the Jews are concerned. The Jews are not allowed to pray at this location thus the reason for the vote in the United States Congress to protect that Jewish right. This is actually evidence that the Jewish prophets were correct when they wrote what the future would be.

 Zechariah the ancient Jewish prophet said that Jerusalem will become the center of controversy, that’s Zechariah 12:2. Jesus Christ said that he is aggressively possessive of this sacred cite, Zechariah 1:14.

Ezekiel another Jewish prophet revealed that the Palestinian people would take the land that God has given the Jewish people, even the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as their land and contradiction with what the Lord said He would do.

These events that we have been reporting are actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.