March 07, 2017

A decision by the Arab League means that Russia has won, America has loss

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JD: The Arab League, now that’s the group of Arab countries. They speak Arabic and they have Islam, and there are 22 of them, they’ve formed a league. The report is they’re going to meet later at a summit this year and they want to talk about "burying the hatchet", as far a Bashar Assad is concerned. In other words, he hasn’t been in the Arab league meetings for the last couple of years because of the Civil war but, now all of the members of the Arab league say lets bring him in ,lets see if that would help us to come to a resolution on this civil war. That’s quite an interesting development, is it not David?

DD: Well it is Jimmy, but as you said Syria is an Arab country. The government of course is run by a minority sect of Islam that is more related to Shia Islam, which of course is why Assad has been allied with Iran for many years and supporting Hezbollah the Shiite militia in Lebanon. But the people consider themselves as Arabs and it’s an Arab country.

But what it signals Jimmy is that Russia has won and America has lost because the Arab League, when the Arab leaders, the Saudis, and others heard Hillary Clinton state very forcefully as Secretary of State when she was, that Russia Assad must go. It’s one thing to tell them to just go but this is a deeply entrenched leader with the regime. It’s been there for 40 years and you know, the only way we got rid of Saddam was to have a full war. So, was that what she was talking about? Well some of the Arabs thought so.

President Obama vetoed any military action even after Assad used chemical weapons in violation of every norm, the redline that the President himself had laid out. So once those two things didn’t get fulfilled everyone started looking to Russia and Russia has won this war for Assad. Assad is now winning, he’s taking back Aleppo; he’s not going anywhere unless again, there’s another major military action which I don’t think the American people really have the stomach for now and we’d be at war with Russia not just Syria. So, the Arab’s are just saying ok, this is a done deal Assad is hear to stay we’ve got to make up with him and lets get going. 

JD: David Dolan reporting on the move by the Arab League that reveals Russia has won and America has loss.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Russia has won because America left a vacuum in Syria and Russia quickly filled that vacuum. Now Russia has a major presence in Syria, joined by Iran and Turkey, plus many radical Islamic terror groups.

The nations mentioned in this report are the same as found in Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38. These are the nations that will join Russia to try and destroy the Jewish state of Israel and that attempt will take place in the first 6 months of the tribulation period. The prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel are about to be fulfilled.