March 08, 2018

The mufti of the Palestinian Authority says that if the United States moves its embassy to Jerusalem there will be a disastrous war

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JD: The Palestinian mufti the highest ranking Islamic claret that is selected and a part of the Palestinian Authority has said there will be a disastrous war if the United States Embassy is indeed moved to Jerusalem. The United States has announced it it looks like it’s going to happen. Do you think that war is going to come about according to what you’re hearing in the Palestinian media?

IM: Well the Palestinian leadership is interested in controlling international political events through the use of terror. They’ve done this many times. There have been times where they were successful and they will try to control this through terror as well. The mufti who has been appointed by Mahmoud Abbas the head of the PA is also one of those people who will be very interested in having terror in order to prevent the embassy being moved. And that’s why he’s saying this he’s trying to create the fear that many people will lose their lives.

In fact, unless the United States puts some kind of serious warning to the Palestinian Authority and every person who speaks out like the mufti has some kind of political punishment there’s no doubt the Palestinian Authority will keep fighting terror and there will be terror attacks. Hopefully they wont be successful. It’s going to be a very very tricky period. It’s an important period but the United States must make the Palestinian Authority realize that expressions like the mufti will not be accepted and there must be political repercussions every time a leader of the PA makes a statement like this.

JD: Itamar Marcus and the details behind a disastrous war that the Palestinians have threatened against Israel if America moves its embassy to Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict started some 4,000 years ago as recorded in Genesis chapter 25. It was a battle between twin brothers Esau and Jacob. It has continued down through history until today and will continue until the Messiah Jesus Christ comes back to the earth. The resolution of this conflict is foretold by the ancient Jewish prophet Obadiah in verses 15-18 and that will be the resolution of this conflict. A conflict as we enter the last days according to Malachi chapter 1 and Ezekiel chapter 35.

These descendants of Esau the Edomites the Palestinian people of today want to rid the world of a Jewish state a prophetic plan that will be played out by the Palestinians in this day.