January 31, 2020

Some politicians today are ready to believe the lies of anti-christ

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JD: There's a very interesting verse over in Revelation 17:17 where it talks about the Lord putting into the hearts, in minds of political leaders to make political decisions that will set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. In other words the verse ends with saying so that the will of God may be accomplished. Presidents are those types of people. FDR made so many decisions that stopped the Jews trying to flee the Holocaust of Europe and under the Hitler-Nazi regime so many decisions that would stop the Jews from coming. That was a President making a political decision to set prophecy in place. These men and or women maybe in the future will do that exact thing. They will make a decision that sets prophecy in place.

SR: Well I think that is happening even right now. Jimmy, you've got a large group of people who have really because they have walked away from God they are believing a lie. They are therefore more able to believe future lies. And once you've put aside truth you can believe lies of all specters.

But you know I'm just sensing really in my heart Jimmy, I'm sensing and I think we are approaching the Rapture of the Church. I believe that that time is quickly coming upon us. And I see these two groups those who just really believe a lie and they walk away from it and we see them in positions of power; we see them exercising their authority. When the Rapture occurs they're already perfectly primed to believe the words of the Antichrist and because at that point the Lord will send strong delusion on top of it. But I think we are already seeing this enormous embracing of lies by a very large group of people that maybe half. And I think if the Rapture occur and take out the believers in this country Jimmy and boy is the world really truly set to believe the lies of the Antichrist that comes out. I'm saying I can imagine it. I think we're close.

JD: Sam Rohrer a former State Senator in Pennsylvania and now the President of the American Pastors Network explaining how politicians today are ready to believe the lie of Antichrist.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam's last statement about being close to the appearance of the Antichrist which actually follows the Rapture of the Church is spot on. As we look at the end time scenario of Biblical prophecy events in the Middle East and even the European Union seem to be telling us get ready. God's prophetic word is absolute and will be fulfilled and seemingly very soon now.