October 22, 2018

The murder of a journalist in a Saudi Arabian consulate will have ramifications politically and prophetically

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JD: We don’t have all the evidence needed to make an absolute statement; they’re still putting all that together. But let’s just get into what if it is true and Saudi Arabia totally responsible? What about the United States and Iran the situation there?

BM: President Trump has pushed back saying look let’s not declare guilt before we have the evidence. There’s a lot at stake specifically the U.S. needs Saudi Arabia to balance the oil markets, it needs Saudi Arabia to help combat Iran and to fight terrorism to purchase arms, which is an economic incentive here.

So, a bad turn on relations because of their bad decision perhaps whether or not it’s to be blamed on Mohammed bin Salman we'll see. I suspect he’s going to get most of the blame and of course this is going to impact all the things that you outlined. If the Saudi’s go in a very different direction and we sanction them and we refuse to do certain things, arms or whatever that will help the Attaullah and the Mullah’s in Tehran taking advantage of a host of things in Iraq, Syria and else where in the Middle East, Yemen ect.

Kind of the wild card here is you know I suspect President Trump does not want to do much unless the evidence is overwhelming. Clearly there’s a consistence of bipartisan Congressional Senators that want to do something very decisive. We sell billions and billions of dollars. Of course there’s a hundred and ten billions of arms to the Saudis and something that we would not want to lose especially to the likes of the Chinese and Russians who would rush in to sell weapons to them. So all of that having been said you know the Saudi’s can retaliate to a certain degree by changing the flow of oil; obviously they run Opeck. They could by their arms from Russia or China and of course they could do a host of other things. It’s a troubled time we’ll have to wait and see what the evidence says.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with some thoughts about the political and prophetic significance of the Saudi murder of a journalist in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul Turkey.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bob Maginnis explained the political significance of the Saudi murder in their consulate there in Istanbul Turkey. Prophetically we must first look at the Iranian eschatology. That when a King Solomon rules in Saudi Arabia that king will fall and the Saudi’s will be defeated by Iran to begin a worldwide caliphate for Iran. However, true Biblical prophecy reveals that Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia will align themselves to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, that’s Ezekiel 38:2-6 and Psalm 83:6.