April 02, 2019

President Trumps declaration of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights has dangerous opposition

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JD: Russia has come out against the Golan move and in fact they have said it will lead to new tensions in the Middle East. What about Russia’s statements on the Golan Heights and the decision by the Trump administration?

KT: Well the Russian’s clearly aren’t happy with the Presidential proclamation that the United States did support Israel’s sovereignty on the Golan Heights. They are also aligned with Iran today in Syria but frankly these are for the time being they are predictable they are meaningless and so far as the US and Russia are staying apart from each other on the ground inside Syria. So this is a verbal assault but it is not a military affront.

JD: But possibly with Iran it could be military action in the near future. You mentioned Iran’s President Rouhani slamming this US decision on the Golan Heights and its recognition of sovereignty. They have a real reason of doing that because they are perched maybe two and a half miles north of the Israeli border there in Quneitra. They’re ready to come in and take over the Golan Heights and use that as a launch pad to take the rest of the state, the Jewish State of Israel are they not?

KT: And I think that is in fact exactly what prompted President Trump to make this proclamation. It was to swart the Iranians at the very least to lay down a marker to the Iranians to let them know that we are fully behind Israel not just Israel as the state of Israel as it recognizes its borders but also the Golan Heights which is real as annex and been for many many years. So this was a clear US message to Iran we will not allow you to get closer to the State of Israel.

We’ve disused many times Iran’s strategy is to surround the State of Israel. So they now have forces in Lebanon with Hezbollah, they have forces in Gaza with Hamas and they have their own forces and proxy forces in Syria. So they’re trying to surround the state of Israel and they’re looking for a pretense to launch an attack that could be devastating.

JD: Ken Timmerman pointing out that Russia and Iran are both opposed to Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Both Russia and Iran are opposed to Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Both Russia and Iran are using this as an excuse and it could ignite these aggressive enemies of Israel to move an alignment of Islamic nations led by Russia into the Golan Heights and to use it as a launch pad to try and destroy the Jewish State of Israel. Daniel 11:40 says that this alignment will use Syria to make the very first move into Israel. The Golan Heights are strategic for Syria and also key for Israeli security.